Try These Natural Remedies To Immediately Relax A Crying Or Fussy Baby

Try These Natural Remedies To Immediately Relax A Crying Or Fussy Baby


There is nothing so peaceful as a sleeping baby; their sweet, little angelic face so calm and serene. But sometimes, that picture can look quite different. While all babies cry to tell us when they need something, sometimes their cries continue on and on. You don’t know what to do or what is the best way to soothe your baby. There are many gentle, natural remedies that can quickly soothe your little one off to sleep once more.


Reasons Babies Cry

It’s always best to rule out the more obvious reasons that your baby is crying. Remember, a baby’s cry is their way of communicating to you that they need you. There are some reasons for crying that automatically come to mind:

  • Your baby is hungry.
  • Your baby is tired.
  • Your baby needs it’s diaper changed. 
  • Your baby is sick.
  • Your baby is in pain.

Once you have addressed all of these concerns and your baby is still crying, things can get a little more complicated. Your baby’s crying may begin to worry you and you may wonder what else could be wrong. There are a host of other reasons that baby’s cry, as well.

  • Your baby is overstimulated.
  • Your baby needs interaction.
  • Your baby hates certain noises.
  • Your baby has colic.
  • Your baby needs a change of scenery.
  • Your baby just needs to know that you are there.

You never know what might relax a fussy baby until you try. All of these natural remedies mimic the sounds, feelings, and environment of the womb that your baby spent the last months of their life in. They are all proven to help relax and calm your baby.


happy_baby_teddy_bearGentle Motion

Babies love motion and rhythmic movement. According to Psychology Today, it signals their brain to relax and fall asleep. Find a quiet place, if possible, and gently rock your baby back and forth. Walk around the room, or even go for a drive in the car with them. Infant swings and rocking chairs both create the perfect calming motion needed to relax your crying baby. Keep in mind, though, your baby will only be as calm as you are. If you are feeling overwhelmed with your child’s crying, take a breather for a few minutes.

Vibrations also mimic the feeling that your baby had in the womb, and there are many baby seats that provide subtle vibrations that babies love.


Swaddling Creates Security

Your baby is accustomed to a small and cozy environment where they were close to another human being all of the time. Swaddling your baby can help them to feel safe and secure and can alleviate their crying and soothe them. Sleep sacks and swaddling blankets can be useful for babies from newborn up to six months.


Walking Your Troubles Away

If there is a specific time each day that your baby gets fussy, you can plan ahead and go for a walk during that time. Strap your infant into a stroller and head to your local park or walking path. The change in scenery and just being outdoors often lulls babies to sleep or helps ease their fussing.


A Warm Bath And Essential Oils

Some babies are very sensitive to their surroundings. Loud television or music playing, lots of people chatting, or just too much energy in the room can make your baby feel overstimulated. A slow, quiet bath and a cuddle can help to ease symptoms of colic and illness.

Essential oils are natural remedies that can create an entirely different atmosphere in your home and in your baby’s mood. After a bath, using an essential oil diffuser with some vetiver essential oil can continue to create and enhance the tranquil atmosphere. Vetiver oil has proven to have a calming effect on children and can even ease the symptoms of ADHD in older children. The soothing smell of lavender can also help your baby sleep better.


Tummy Time

If digestive issues are to blame for your little one's fussiness, tummy time can make all of the difference. Lie your baby across your lap after feeding and gently pat their back. This can help to alleviate gas and help aid in digestion. You can also give them a body massage. Massage oil infused with essential oil serves double duty in calming a crying baby.


Pink Noise

While some babies prefer absolute quiet and find a hushed atmosphere to be most calming, others need a little sound. Pink noise slows down brain waves and helps babies to have a more restful sleep. Playing ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) recordings while gently rocking can relax a fussy baby. These sounds create a feeling of closeness and intimacy that your baby may respond very positively to.


Step Away For A While

If your baby continues to cry, it’s okay to step away from the situation for a moment. You are a wonderful parent, and sometimes, you need a break to gather yourself and find some peace. You can’t give your baby what you don't have yourself. Take a bath, take a walk, or just rest for a while. Your baby will sense if your energy is stressed, frazzled, or overwhelmed. You will notice a difference in how your baby responds when you return and interact with them from a place of peace and quietness.

A gentle, natural approach is the best remedy for a crying baby. Trust your instincts and listen to your baby’s signals. Keep trying new techniques, methods, and approaches. Each of these remedies will help build a calming, relaxing home for your newest arrival.

Remember, as with all things in your child’s first year of life, this, too, is just a phase. Before long, your little one will be entering a new phase and these precious days will be some of your best memories. A baby’s cries are just their way of reminding you just how much you are needed and loved.


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